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Droitwich Knee Clinic, 27 New Road, Bromsgrove, B60 2JL

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09:00 to 17:00
9:00 - 17:00
9:00- 17:00
We are open safely and our staff wear PPE and masks which are mandatory in the clinic. We use Zoono electrostatic surface cleaning technology to keep our clinic clean for your and our safety!

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Short Story About Droitwich Knee Clinic

Kirti Moholkar, FRCSI

Kirti Moholkar

The Droitwich Knee Clinic is the oldest specialized knee and shoulder clinic in the country. It has built up a reputation for outstanding patient care. With a unique approach, every patient suffering from knee and shoulder problems can assure by personal service. The clinic also ensures the advice or treatment given will provide the most effective outcome.

With a professional clinical team working closely together under one roof, you can be assured of good communication. And to be treated quickly and efficiently during the early consultation stage right through to after-care. Moreover, the team has access to extensive investigative equipment, such as X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound scans, and physio assessment tools. Furthermore, the team enables us to provide a ‘one-stop solution’ tailored for each patient’s individual needs.

Droitwich Knee Clinic utilizes all manners of conservative management options including podiatry, sports medicine, sports injury services, and uniquely its own on-site Physiotherapy clinic and expert team. These combined measures can successfully manage to delay surgery. As a result, Droitwich Knee Clinic surgeons operate on less than 20% of patients that are referred – something we are very proud of!


About Us

knee clinic doctors teamLocated in the heart of the Bromsgrove town, 20 minutes from Birmingham and Worcester, the DKC is a state-of-the-art diagnostic orthopaedic center that is striving towards its commitment to provide comprehensive health care services to the residents.

We are happy to see self referred patients though a letter from your GP is beneficial. Please ring 01527 919848 or email enquiries@droitwichkneeclinic.co.uk for an appointment.
We are extremely responsive and do not operate a waiting list.
The unit has an open MRI Scanner which is modern and allows weightbearing scans. We do not do Head, Chest, Abdominal, Breast, Pelvic scans, Sorry!
The DKC is recognised by all major insurance companies. Please check with your insurance if needed. Don't worry if you are into insured and if you wish to pay for your treatment, we are happy to help.
A referral is helpful but you do not need a referral letter. If you are insured, it will be appropriate to run the intention to see us by them so that they can authorise the consultation.
We can offer a scan within a week of your booking. Reports will be available within 48-72 hours of you having a scan.
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About physiotherapy

About physiotherapy

About Physiotherapy Our physiotherapy team has more than 50 years combined of unrivalled expertise working with all types of musculoskeletal…

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The knee clinic has been around since 1988 and has also developed its own pathways to treat knee and shoulder issues.

Moreover, They also start treatment with nonoperative means before surgery considered.

Clinic Awards: Enhanced Recovery ROH Hospital Innovation Award 2017



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