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Who is the Droitwich Knee Clinic and Bromsgrove Private Clinic?

The Droitwich Knee Clinic is the oldest private specialised knee clinic in the country and has built up a reputation for outstanding patient care since 1988! With a unique approach, every patient suffering from knee and shoulder problem can be assured of personal service, ensuring the advice or treatment given will provide the most effective outcome.


The Bromsgrove Private Clinic was established in 2015 where the DKC is currently housed with One Stop Clinic service provision.

With a professional clinical team working closely together under one roof, you can be assured of good communication and to be treated quickly and efficiently during the early consultation stage right through to after-care. The team have access to extensive investigative equipment, such as X-rays, Open and Upright MRI, Ultrasound scan and physio assessment tools, enabling us to provide a ‘one-stop solution’ tailored for each patient’s bespoke need.

Droitwich Knee Clinic utilises all manners of conservative management options including podiatry, sports medicine, sports injury services and uniquely its own on-site Physiotherapy clinic and expert team. These combined measures can often successfully manage to delay surgery. As a result, Droitwich Knee Clinic surgeons operate on less than 20% of patients that are referred to us as we operate only if all non-surgical management has failed to reduce your pain– something we are very proud of!


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