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Founded in 1988 by the renowned Dr. Kirti Moholkar, Droitwich Knee Clinic is a leading private specialist in knee and shoulder care. Celebrated for excellent patient care and backed by numerous 5-star reviews, we specialize in personalized treatments. Our team ensures seamless care from consultation to after-care, equipped with advanced diagnostics like X-rays and MRI. We focus on non-surgical methods such as podiatry and physiotherapy, leading to surgery in only 20% of cases. Choose Droitwich Knee Clinic for top-tier, patient-first care in knee and shoulder treatment.

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Tony Roycroft
Tony Roycroft
I had my right knee TKR just over a year ago and wanted to offer a few thoughts about the process that may be helpful to others. My operation was performed by Mr Moholkar at the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital (ROH) Birmingham. I had been seeing and taking advice from Mr Moholkar for a couple of years at DKC prior to my op. I found him to be straight talking and, whilst showing empathy, would tell me the way things are although this wasn’t always what I wanted to hear. His approach gave me confidence and trust in his ability. The ROH was excellent and the staff, even though under pressure themselves, were always attentive to my needs. The back up team at DKC, particularly Debbie in admin and Leslie for physiotherapy were excellent, they were caring and professional and any problems were quicky sorted out. Here are a few of tips I would pass on to anyone needing to consider a TKR: 1. Don’t leave it too late to have the op, it can be tempting to avoid the operation for different reasons, knowing when the right time can be tricky. Trust your consultant and your instinct. 2. Pre-op: Get yourself as mobile as you can, even if painful, the more mobile you are when you have the op will play a big part in achieving a successful outcome. Exercise regularly and if you can, lose any excess weight. Or Best Endeavours! If possible, get yourself into a good mental place. It took me some time to ‘come to terms with the op’ but when I did it made a massive difference. Prepare any questions you have before you see Mr Moholkar or another consultant and maybe write them down, so you don’t forget. Don’t be afraid to re-ask a question if you are still unsure. Mr Moholkar always gave me lots of time for questions and patiently answered them. In advance of your return home consider your environment, make it as clutter free as possible to help you move around more easily. You might also want to think about any aids you might need, for instance I found a bathroom stool particularly useful when washing etc 3. Post-op: Probably the most important thing post op is to make sure you do the exercises you are given and if possible, get regular physiotherapy sessions for around 6 weeks following your op. I believe this made a huge difference for me and contributed to me being able to drive after a few weeks, and I was able to play golf 3 months after the op without the use of a buggy for the first time in many years. I love my new knee and the freedom it gives me, put the effort in and you will get your rewards.
Cosmin Cadaru
Cosmin Cadaru
Excellent staff, good equipment, worth more than 5 stars
Christine Baker
Christine Baker
Quick efficient friendly staff
Rachel MacKenzie
Rachel MacKenzie
As a youngster I suffered with ‘growing pains’ and had physio throughout my teens. I have not experienced any knee pain since then until March 2020 when I suddenly developed pain in my right knee, followed 6 weeks later by the left! Initially I thought I had overdone the Zoom yoga classes and running so rested for a few weeks but the pain continued to get worse to the point where I was very immobile. The doctor referred me for MRI’s and it was determined I have moderate-advanced OA in both knees and a torn meniscus R. This is where the fun began! I saw Mr Moholkar who after consultation recommended an arthroscopy, taking into consideration my age (44) this to be done sooner rather than later, in the short term it was decided I have a steroid injection in my right knee to offer some pain relief and it worked. The NHS strongly advised against having an arthroscopy and warned it could speed up the degeneration in my knees. I consulted a physio, sports therapist and friends and family all of whom had different opinions. I decided in the end that surgery was the best option for me, I didn’t want to rely on steroids to mask the pain (NHS preferred option). I had an arthroscopy in January 2022 and it was the best decision I could have made. Mr Moholkar was very honest when I came out of surgery and told me I will need a knee replacement within 5 years and couldn’t promise that I would have any benefit from the arthroscopy due to the condition of my knee. Alas 3 months later I have had a checkup today and the knee is great. There have been sacrifices along the way, I no longer run or do CrossFit and exercise is much more gentle but my pain is reduced and I’m mobile again. My life changed overnight 2 years ago and without Mr Moholkar I don’t think I would be where I am now.
James Parsons
James Parsons
Have no responded to this immediately but waited a while to see how I got on. Had ongoing problems wit my shoulder and arm. Problem diagnosed with the aid of X-Ray, RMI. Received excellent treatment and clear concise advice from consultant Mr Moholkar but no false or inflated promises. I was even a warning of regression if treatment proved ineffective in the long term an operation would be required. But following. A course of further treatment with physiotherapist Mr Hassan it has me going from strength to strength. I am a fitness nut but I am also 77!
Pat Griffin
Pat Griffin
Having had previous consultations and subsequent arthroscopies on my right knee with Mr Moholkar, last of which was 2015 with the knee behaving very well since, when my left knee started to cause me grief I booked myself in for a consultation with Mr M, hoping that he could do the same repair job on my left knee. Unfortunately I had left it too late in terms of damage to the joint for repair - I was offered the options available to me however it was obvious that replacement was realistically the only option, As always the procedure and possible outcomes, positive and negative, were explained to me in direct terms. A motorcycle accident scar over the knee to the outside of the calf from 1982 presented a serious challenge to the success of the operation in terms of blood flow to the affected skin so a plastic surgeon, Mr Chester, was called on to advise. They agreed on the best route for the new scar, operation carried out and the scar checked the day after the surgery - all good! Well down the road to recovery thanks to pain relief, physio exercises and general walking (20000 steps a day). Fantastic experience all round from first consultation to rehab sign off, from DKC to BMI Droitwich. Learning points: Listen to the man giving you advice - he wants the best outcome for you - not his bank balance! Do the hard yards and you will get the benefit.
Frances Pierpoint
Frances Pierpoint
My partner Carl Knight had a full knee replacement surgery 6 weeks ago. Droitwich Knee Clinic provided superb diagnosis and advice package. He was advised a full knee replacement was recommended. Operation was carried out at Royal Orthopaedic Hospital. The care he received was second to none. He was kept informed at all times. Mr Moholkar was very professional providing excellent replacement and aftercare. Carl would stress that physio is a very important part of recovery. Painkillers really helped in the first few days. He applied ice packs regularly to reduce swelling. One again many thanks to everyon
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